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Our company has been making innovative machinery, consumables, medication and cosmetics, since 1930 and for four generations, with high accuracy of effectiveness towards our costumers.

ERCAM robotic machinery is flexible and user friendly. The company also offers technical assistance and expertise, which, combined with our multiannual experience, ensures the efficient function of our products and renders us the best option for your businesses.

ERCAM manufactures

  • Filling machines for liquids and powders
  • Packaging machines for medicines
  • Packaging machines for cosmetics
  • Packaging machines for food
  • DOSING (fillers for powders)
  • Volumetric (for coca packaging, objects to the method of regulated cups)
  • Packaging machines for liquid + viscous (soaps, shampoos kg.) with pumps weighing +
  • Packaging machines for powder linear and rotary depending on the product of each customer
    rotating tables
  • Conveyors
  • Raparaout
  • Asylum inox
  • Lifts
  • Formative blister molds
  • Beading heads FLIPOFF
  • Nuts of all kinds of plastic Inox +
  • And more…

Since 1930 we have been producing original precision machines
map 5 Larnakos str, N. Iraklio, 141 22, Greece
phone+030 210 2819360
mob +030 6972849936
Contact person: Lara Papadopoulou
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